The Flipped Classroom For Religious Education


Technology is one thing… but mix it with Religious Education?

Our Catholic Faith is a living faith, one that is passed on from person to person. Through our faith we come to know Jesus Christ with whom we encounter in the Eucharist and in our daily lives.

So, why would anyone seriously consider passing on a living faith by using technology?

We must be able to meet people where they are.  Pope John Paul II encouraged us to promote the New Evangelization by using new methods. Pope Francis, too, urges us to “find new ways to spread the word of God to every corner of the world”. Even our Popes recognize that we need new approaches in today’s culture.

We need to heed St. Paul’s call to “test everything, hold on to the good.”  Used in the right way, technology can be part of the good.  Finding kids and adults where they are…on the computer, the tablet, the iPad and the Smartphone, can help them learn and grow in their faith.

The most important reason to teach the Faith by flipping the classroom is because it works…individualized learning takes place on the computer at home with engaging and interactive activities and videos; as a result more time is opened up for teachers and catechists to engage students in a living faith carrying out more liturgical practices, role playing and discussing life application.

Schools find the flipped classroom methodology very successful. Parishes are all looking for a paradigm that answers to the issues in a typical parish catechetical environment: once a week classes are never enough time, discipline at the end of the day can be challenging, addressing individualized learning issues, a lack of parent involvement and catechist formation and so on. Of course there are great catechetical programs out there, but why not make them better?

So exactly what is flipped learning? Does the catechist or teacher need to be computer savvy? Not sure it will work in a parish setting? Don’t think it will work with parents?

Join us to find out more.

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The flipped classroom is the solution to the quest for a paradigm that works in religious education!